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Providing top quality healthcare reviews, in a timely and professional manner, to nationally recognized and accredited healthcare providers, and law firms, hospitals, privately owned companies, and state governing agencies.

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About PEI

Healthcare Reviews

We are an External/Independent and Utilization Review company that delivers top quality healthcare reviews in a timely and professional manner. By handling the case assignment, coordination, tracking, preparation and submission process, the physicians are afforded more time to make the quality, evidence-based determinations. Deliver quality reports with ease, with the fastest turn-around time and the most competitive rates in the healthcare review industry.

Our Services

Specializing in providing Independent Review and Utilization Management review services to the Workers Compensation and healthcare industry. We contract with a panel of over 550 highly esteemed physicians from locations across the nation.

Workers Comp

We connect you with a team of physicians and support staff who excel at reviewing medical and administrative expenses arising from workers compensation claims.

Group Health

Our group health utilization peer review system ensures that every member of a group health insurance program receives consistent, equitable care and that all charges and procedures fall within the umbrella of covered services, while remaining medically necessary.


We provide utilization review services for Independent Medical Exam (IME) reports. Utilization review can help bolster the IME by providing an accredited evaluation of the reasonableness, necessity and frequency of treatment provided to the patient.

Bill Review

The system has a comprehensive medical bill review program providing compliant solutions in all state jurisdictions.


We provide utilization review services for disability benefit claims, with a goal of returning the claimant to work if possible. We provide impartial utilization review of STD as well as LTD cases.

Auto / Liability

We provide utilization services for medical claims arising from automobile accidents and other claims against comprehensive and liability automobile insurance, including PIP/No Fault claims.

Setting the standard of excellence

for independent reviews

Here are a few of the utilization review services we offer:

  • Medical Necessity Reviews
  • Workers Comp Reviews
  • Group Health (Internals/Externals)
  • Pre-Authorizations
  • Post-Service Retrospective Reviews
  • Appeals
  • Medication Reviews
  • Drug Utilization
  • CPT Code/Billing Reviews
  • Continuation of Care Plans
  • Vocational Consulting
  • Complex/Legacy/Peer Reviews
  • Standard of Care
  • Experimental/Investigational
  • Hospital Bill Review and Audits
  • Retrospective & Concurrent
    Length of Stay Reviews
  • Diagnostic Testing Reviews
  • Specialty Reviews including IRO
  • Long Term/Short Term Disability
  • Expert Testimony Services
  • Cost Projection Analysis
  • Medical Legal Reviews
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Cost Containment
    Consulting Services

Physicians & Providers

Our contracted reviewers represent a panel of over 550 highly esteemed physicians from locations across the nation. The panel is comprised of board-certified, active practice physicians and allied health professionals. Our extensive panel currently covers licensure within every state of the nation. Areas of specialty are extensive, to include some of the more obscure. We select and recruit our panel based on the highest accreditation standards.

Medical Specialties Represented:




Colon & Rectal Surgery


Emergency Medicine


General Surgery

Geriatric Medicine

Hand Surgery

Hematology / Oncology


Internal Medicine



Occupational Medicine


Oral Surgery

Orthopedic Spine Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

Pain Management / Medicine

Physical Medicine





Sports Medicine

And more

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